Staging your Arizona home for sale and the importance of WOW

There are many choices to be made when considering the sale of your home.  Finding the right agent… one who is knowledgeable and experienced is very important.  But so is creating that emotional WOW factor that hits the buyer when they enter your home.  It’s been said that emotions can be twice as important as knowledge in consumer buying decisions.  It is a critical factor in consumer behavior.  Emotion is a very large motivating factor in deciding to buy and in deciding how much they are willing to pay.  To get top dollar and a quick sale on your home… let’s tap into some thoughts I have to offer.  It isn’t easy, but if done well, should result in very few days on the market as well as a pleasing sales price.

Know your market and stage accordingly.  Create vignettes throughout the home featuring appealing moments in life, be it…peace and tranquility, relaxation, fun, organization…that will capture a desire within the prospective buyer to have the same.  A buyer could and often judges a potential purchase in part by what they think it will represent in lifestyle or how they’d like to be perceived.

So let’s get started…clear the clutter as completely as possible.  Stash the small appliances in the kitchen.  Nothing should appear on vanity tops.  Music helps to set a mood.  Indoor temps and fans are very important.  Here in Arizona…keep it cool.  You want the buyer to experience “comfort”.  And odors…there shouldn’t be any.  Be especially careful in your closet where body oils accumulate on unwashed items creating an odor familiar to you (you may not even notice), but not pleasant to a buyer.  Freshness is key.  You do not want to be remembered as the house that smelled like dirty socks.  (I actually had that experience showing a home a couple of years back)  And by the same token…your laundry room should also be fresh.

Now what about Fido or Boots the cat?  If you have pets there should be as little evidence of their existence as possible.  Believe me, I know how heard this one can be.  But it’s important.  It seems almost everybody loves pets except the home buyer who’s buying your home.  So do everything possible to eliminate an opportunity to cause the buyer to pass on your home.  I’ve had clients put the litter box in the trunk of the car and take the kitties for a ride while the house was being shown.  That’s extreme and not easy, but could really pay off in the long run.

Plan ahead, consult an agent.  It takes time and preparation on the front end, is difficult to live with while listing your home, but should yield fewer days on market plus top dollar.  And isn’t that the true goal after all?

Call me, let’s talk.  I would love an opportunity to impart my knowledge and experience, helping you in your goal to sell quickly and profitably.

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