We did it!  We chose to embrace a more minimal lifestyle and made the big move to downsize…not to the extent of joining the “tiny house” phase, but for us personally, a life adjustment.

I must admit that after living decades in large homes with spacious yards, our priorities in life changed.  The allure of it all shifted.  HOW we spent our time, energy and money became more important than the accumulation of things and the size of the home in which to accommodate it all.  Our desire for greater freedom in our lives helped to fuel this process.  It’s not easy sifting through a life’s worth of possessions and paring down.  It is like starting over though…somewhat painful but freeing and cleansing.

After saying good bye to our beautiful home and yard, we began a new chapter with a ground floor condo.  The community is beautifully maintained and quiet, flanked by a golf course with mountain views.  Who could ask for more?  Life has become simpler in many respects, which frees us to enjoy our resources in new ways.

Should you find yourself at this very crossroad of life, I feel your excitement and pain.  I am here to gladly share my experience and expertise to guide you through this process.  It’s a big step to take, and it helps to know someone who has been there and made it!

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